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Columnist Calls NHL Suit a ‘Cash Grab’

Passions run deep in Canada when it comes to hockey.

So it was not surprising earlier this week when columnist Tony Gallagher of the Province, a British Columbia newspaper, came down hard on those suing the NHL, calling it a “cash grab.”

Gallagher suggested the plaintiffs were plowing the ground with “sympathetic stories of grief and heartbreak from concussions out … .

“It’s always good to soften up the ground that needs to be travelled if this obvious attempt at getting the NHL to settle the way the NFL did is going to be successful.

“On the surface, this action would appear to have very little merit unless there is indeed some smoking gun lying somewhere in the filing cabinets of the NHL indicating they knowingly withheld information on the dangers of repeated headshots which would have allowed the players to make a more informed judgment of the risks.

“This is clearly a fishing expedition, assuming there is such documentation which would be contrary to the way the league is presently viewed publicly on the issue. Under the Gary Bettman regime — publicly, at least — they’ve been front and centre on concussions and right up posing there as the industry leaders in terms of worrying about it despite the fact there are quite a few former players suffering.”

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Get a Concussion, Lose Your Job

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business.

As such, its teams and their respective executives aren’t about to take unnecessary risks or absorb extra costs by keeping a recently concussed player on the roster.

This simple fact was reiterated over the last week when the Detroit Lions cut tight end Tony Scheffler and the Jacksonville Jaguars cut safety Dwight Lowery.

Scheffler suffered a concussion Oct. 6 at Green Bay, his third in the past three seasons. Just after hauling in a 19-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter, he was rocked by Packers safety Jerron McMillian. Scheffler, who was set to become a free agent at the end of the year, has been in the league eight years.

Meanwhile, Lowery sustained a concussion on the first play at Seattle on Sept. 22 and hasn’t practiced or played since. A sixth-year veteran, his locker was recently cleaned out and his name plate removed, according to the Associated Press. Coach Gus Bradley was quoted as saying that Lowery has “done a lot for us and was great throughout. It’s just an organizational decision.”

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