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Lawyer: The Numbers Speak for Themselves

From a reader:

As the number of reported cases of traumatic brain injury increases in professional sports, so too does awareness of concussions at the college and amateur levels. The NFL now takes helmet to helmet contact as a serious offense after coming under intense scrutiny for allowing players to reenter the game after sustaining brain jarring hits. Professional leagues have their reputation and financial interests to consider, but what about little league players or high school athletes looking to advance their game to the next level?

The following interactive data visualization breaks down the total number of traumatic brain injuries sustained by children under 19 years of age between the years of 2001 and 2009. The data, taken from a 2011 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is categorized according to gender, age range, and sport/activity. No matter your level of expertise on the subject, the numbers have a way of speaking for themselves.



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Multiple Concussion Lawsuits Emerge this Week, This Time Outside the NFL

If the concussion issue does become a national crisis, one might point to August 29 as the tipping point.

On that day, it was reported that lawsuits were filed separately by athletes at the professional, college and high school level.

“It’s a fallacy to think this litigation will begin and end with the lawsuits filed against the National Football League,” said Paul D. Anderson, the editor of Concussion Litigation Reporter and the founder and publisher of NFLConcussionLitigation.com. “This is an area of law that is just now getting its legs.”

At the K-12 area, a Connecticut couple is suing a municipality, several of its employees, a local youth football league and the national organization that oversees it for injuries their teenaged son suffered during a 2010 football game.

In collegiate athletics, a former small college football player has sued the university, head football coach and team trainers over head injuries he allegedly suffered during practice and the subsequent treatment he received.

In the professional sports space, a soccer player, who retired three years ago because of concussions, has sued the club and coach for $12 million.

Concussion Litigation Reporter will report extensively on all three lawsuits in the next issue.

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Proactive Measure Lessened Concussions in the NFL Last Year

A consulting firm has produced a study that shows that concussions in the NFL declined from 2010 to 2011, principally because of a change in the kickoff rule.

Edgeworth Economics revealed Wednesday that concussions declined from 270 two years ago to 266 last year. Even more interesting was the fact that concussions that occurred on kickoffs declined from 35 to 20 over the same period.

Jesse David, a statistician and economist at Edgeworth, told the Washington Post that the reduction in kickoff-related concussions is “entirely” related to the rule change. It “did what they intended it to do.”

David seemed to suggest, however, that more work remains.

“With concussions, there is a general trend that continues to be up, although there was a slight decrease in 2011 for the first time in several years.”

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