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Miss Oregon Becomes a Spokesperson for the Concussion Issue

The concussion issue has attracted some unlikely spokespeople over the years.

Take Miss Oregon Allison Cook.

A junior volleyball player at Oregon Institute of Technology, Cook has had five concussions in her life, and said recently that she doesn’t want to see others “go through what I’ve gone through.”

“It’s not just getting your bell rung anymore. Your brain controls every center of your body, It controls all of your functions,” Cook, who competed in Miss America pageant in September, told a publication called The World. “It’s not worth playing a game to sacrifice your health. I would like to think no matter how much a coach wants to win, I would like to think they’d put their athletes’ health over the status of that game.”oregon

Cook has suffered three concussions on the basketball court and one played volleyball. The last came in a car accident when an air deployed. Today, she said she has “constant headaches, her body has lost its ability to tell her that’s she’s hungry,” and “she is an insomniac.”

Cook offered the following statistics in the article: “Girls are two times more likely to get a concussion than boys and once you get one concussion, you are 40 percent more likely to get another one.”

For the full article, visit: http://theworldlink.com/sports/3a-playoffs/miss-oregon-take-concussions-seriously/article_8c153fea-a563-11e3-a810-001a4bcf887a.html

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Court Sustains Claim Brought by Coach Who Suffers from Post-concussion Syndrome

A federal judge has denied a school district’s motion for summary judgment in a case involving a volleyball coach, who allegedly suffered from post-concussion syndrome after being hit in the head with a volleyball, and her claim that the school district would not provide reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act for her to return to work.

In ruling for the plaintiff, the court found that material facts still needed to be uncovered before the court could grant such a motion.

The plaintiff was hired by the district under a one year contract for the 2008—2009 school year to be a physical education teacher at one of its high schools. She also was hired to coach girls volleyball and basketball. On September 9, 2008, the plaintiff was hit in the head during a team volleyball practice with a volleyball served at high velocity. After the incident, she sought medical treatment and later filed a workers’ compensation claim.

(An extensive analysis of this judicial opinion, as well as others that are relevant to sports concussions, will appear in the upcoming September issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter. To subscribe, visit https://concussionpolicyandthelaw.com/subscribe/)

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